Arizona Trip!

Went to Arizona (Flagstaff) over the weekend. It was an awesome trip!!!

Hiked the Grand Canyon! Definitely not for the unexperienced. While it seemed like it is an easy hike, the heat will definitely get to you if you didn’t bring enough water or didn’t put on sunscreen. The views were amazing. I’ve seen pictures of it (as I’m sure you have too), but they don’t truly capture how grand the Grand Canyon is.

Grand Canyon
Great view of the Grand Canyon!

Flowering Cactus
Flowering Cactus

Grand Canyon Squirrel
One of the squirrels that were on the trail

Checked out Sedona. The landscapes there were incredible as well. Didn’t end up hiking in Sedona, hiking the GC the day before definitely took a lot of drive to hike out, maybe next time.

Also, while waiting for my flight in Phoenix, who is sitting across from me, Eddie and Alex Van Halen!! They were on my flight from Phoenix to Dallas Ft. Worth. Too bad I didn’t take my issue of Guitar World which featured Eddie on the cover, would’ve been perfect for an autograph.